Research Process Management Software

In what form do we store the researched content?

How do we search through piles of researched data stored throughout the years?

How do we present the researched data in an understandable way for other departments and senior management?

How do we analyze data and create structured reports?

At Linkwok, we use technology and develop customized software applications to solve these problems


Critical data both internally and externally


Data Storage

Experiment Data Storage

Store all your researched data from various sources. Document your entire procedure, observations, feedback and conclusions on a single platform.

System Configuration

Flexible System Configuration

Create templates based on the experiment procedure and role based access control. Integration of corporate email system based on the need.

Project Notebook

Create Projects

Create multiple projects with different users. Secure project access and display project statistics.

Data Storage

Experiment Search

Keyword search within your ELN Database. Search from pile of researched data collected throughout the years with the help of keywords.

System Configuration


Automatic report creation with charts and graphs to understand the impact of the research. These reports can be created based on various parameters within an experiment.

Project Notebook


Summary – Create project wise summary reports for the top management. This can be created weekly, monthly or yearly.


Organization of Data

We help companies store researched data from different sources all on a single platform. You can create templates to structure your research process which makes analyzing and searching data really easy.

Return on Investment

Huge productivity improvement through eliminating paper storage system. Helps you analyze the experiments faster because of the automatic report generation which then helps you go to market faster.

Preservation of Data

Electronic data storage facilitates archiving and duplication of valuable research data to avoid losses as a result of any disasters.

Multidisciplinary Capabilities

Gives a scientist several benefits like efficient and accurate documentation, quick information access and advanced Intellectual Property protection